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Organize your job search...and get that job!
Our job search “CRM” replaces the clunky
spreadsheet used by most job seekers.

Jobtreks will help you identify and track target
companies, contacts, job postings and applications,
documents, and to-dos.

Access our proprietary database of companies,
interview prep, 30+ job boards, and much more!

The Five Gears + Prep


Stay on top of to-dos, appointments, and deadlines with our interactive To-Do list and Scribble Pad (your online "sticky notes").


Use Jobtreks®' Proprietary Database to identify and target companies. Link your companies to your Contacts, Jobs, Docs, and To-Dos.


Link your network to your job search.


Access 30+ job boards and
keep track of your job applications.


Store, manage, and send job search Docs.


Create your interview “cheat sheet”.