Dating sites are booming, and so are Cupid-inspired jobs

If you want to fall head over heels for your career, you may want to check out the business of love.

Online dating companies and matchmakers are making bank. According to a 2016 report by MarketData Enterprises, dating services in the United States alone are worth approximately $2.5 billion…

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5 Tips That Can Help You Land a Job Before the End of Summer

Eager to meet your goal of securing a great new position before autumn leaves start to fall? While there’s never a guaranteed way to speed up a search and land a job, some actions can help move things along …

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Think You’re Ready For A Change? The Right (And Wrong) Reasons To Leave A Job

Americans are more optimistic about the employment landscape than ever before, with 65% saying that now is a prime time to find a job. But a tight labor market isn’t necessarily a good reason to change employers, says Terri Wein, cofounder of career coaching firm Weil & Wein. “Don’t look for a job because it seems like the thing to do. If you like your job and believe you have a future at your company, embrace it,” says Wein …

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Wharton Business Radio – Career Talk

Host Dawn Graham is joined by Terri Wein (Co-Founder and Co-CEO • Jobtreks and Weil & Wein) on the Thursday, August 2, 2018 edition of Career Talk …

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Recent Grad? How To Stand Out When Applying To Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs aren’t the most desired types of gigs out there, but, unfortunately, we all have to pay our dues and work our way up from the bottom early in our careers. And, while there are some higher paying entry-level jobs out there, that doesn’t make it any easier to land the one you’re looking for …

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8 little work habits that will all but guarantee you a promotion

Whether you’ve been at a job for a week or a year, it’s never too early to think about ways to advance your career.

“Your career is always a work in progress,” Terri Wein, co-founder of career coaching firm Weil & Wein and Jobtreks, told INSIDER. “Even when you are happy with your job, it’s helpful to think about next steps, namely a promotion.” …

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Why People Skills Are So Important — And How You Can Polish Yours To A Shine

We hear a lot these days about soft skills, people skills, emotional intelligence. But what are these things exactly, and how do we know if we have them? And, yikes, if we don’t, where do we go to get them?

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9 expert-backed tips to help you negotiate a better salary — and actually get it




You could probably be earning more money than you are right now — you just have to ask for it. But most people don’t. A recent study by staffing firm Robert Half found that only 39 percent of workers negotiated their salary when they get their lost job offer. The firm surveyed more than 2,700 workers …


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Wharton Business Radio: Career Talk




Career Talk is a call-in career advice program hosted by Dawn Graham, Director of Career Management for the Executive MBA Program at Wharton. Here’s what Terri Wein had to say about scary job situations, and how to manage them……



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Two Essential Classes You Need to Take




Are you looking to enter a master’s degree program, or just take a few advanced courses? How do you decide what’s worth your time and money? Here’s what Susan Weil told Crain’s New York about specialized courses and getting ahead in the job market….



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Starting Your First Job? Make An Impact In The First 30 Days




Surprisingly, a new survey found that 77% of businesses expect recent graduate hires to stay less than a year. Even with this potential expectation, show your employer that you are worth investing in. The first 30 days can be critical to your successHere is a primer to begin building your professional reputation….



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Attention Student Job Seekers: 6 Steps To Target Your Dream Company




It’s that time of year. Graduations, caps & gowns, prominent speakers with words of wisdom to inspire newly minted grads as they enter the real world, such as “Go for your dream job!” But how can a job seeker connect the dots of a dream job with the reality of finding actual job openings? Here are six tips…



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Working Mother Radio: Education and Beyond




– Segment 4 “On the Hunt”
– Segment 5 “Teaching Responsibility”
– Segment 6 “Millennials”



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Pay It Forward to Job Seekers? Absolutely!




Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness. Helping someone without the expectation of quid pro quo. What does this mean in the context of a job search? What should you do the next time a student from your alma mater or your friend’s brother’s college roommate emails you about a job opening at your company? We can collectively make the job search world a friendlier place. Here’s how…



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7 Ways Your MBA School Can Help You Find a Job After You’ve Graduated




Modern day job search is overwhelming, even for MBA alumni. As career advisors for alumni at leading MBA programs, we continually hear from clients how chaotic and isolating job search is. Here are seven useful resources that many MBA schools offer their alumni for an efficient and less stressful path to a new job….



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